The “Sandwich Effect”

What should I say? How can I keep the conversation going? Will I be interesting? Should I wing it?

When you meet a new person or try to reconnect with a difficult person what’s a good conversational game plan? You completed your greeting and are now at a loss to know what to do or say next. You can design a simple communication game plan we call the “Sandwich Effect.” The “Sandwich Effect” is a verbal, email, or text conversation game plan that will help you connect with almost anyone.


Graphic of Sandwich Effect

Rapport-put the person at ease with you

Subject Focus-what to frame your discussion around

Rapport- Leave the person willing to communicate with you again




Conversational type

Rapport Dialogue

Use these words

Subject Focus


Rapport Dialogue

Say goodbye with

Assertive, outspoken, opinionated

hear, listen, talk, say, tell, speak


options, I’ll call you

Serious, cautious, disciplined

see, appears, look read, clear, visualize


specifics, I’ll see you later

Persuasive, imaginative, procrastinates

sense, imagine, fair understand, honest


respect, let’s get together

Supportive, caring, cooperative

feel, support, care help, comfort, calm


warm, stay in touch



You can close the communication gap by applying the Sandwich Effect. Your communication should be conversational in tone and not appear scripted. A targeted communication strategy increases your chances of forming a more solid relationship.




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