Personal Resilience and Big Picture Thinking

Our goal is to be productive and positive when faced with stress, uncertainty, and change. The good news is that there are skills that can be learned and improved over time. The following are examples of personal resilience development from one of our workshops: 


Resilience Skills to Develop 

Optimism – Always seek the positive aspects of problems. For example, the idea that a question often triggers improvement and great leaps forward. 

Tolerance – Participating in arguments and political struggles without becoming overly emotional. 

Persistence – Finding a way through obstacles to achieve an objective. I was trained to and measured by goal achievement, but I found the highest-earning and most successful people I know where all about the accomplishment of objectives that lead to goal achievement. It is breaking the goal down and advancing through each step, consistently, effectively, and confidently.  

Unaffectedness – Your mood and behavior aren’t easily changed by others. Unaffectedness doesn’t necessarily imply that you need to be cold or emotionless; instead, that you don’t easily get pulled into other people’s negativity.  

Time Management– Remaining productive under stress. For example, an employee can maintain business as usual during a turbulent change, such as a takeover or reorganization. 

Tolerance– Making decisions and moving ahead in an uncertain environment. Be an agent of change. Owning change makes it yours as opposed to dreading and resisting change.  

Big Picture Mindset – When you look from a comprehensive perspective, it always provides opportunities. 

Positive Self Talk – Create a daily accomplishment list not just a to do list. 

I hope this helps you on your journey, building real, personal strength that translates to personal and professional effectiveness. 



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