Someone just needs a nudge…

I recently caught up with a former colleague and one of the top salespeople in his industry. Year over year, he crushed it in Manhattan. I was always amazed by how easy he made it seem, and then the secret was out. It was the nudge. Yes, the same one you used when you were a kid.

Nudge theory

Conceptually, in behavioral economics, political theory, and behavioral sciences, Nudge theory proposes positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to influence the behavior and decision making of groups or individuals.

Nudge theory in practice is the use of subtle suggestions, positive reinforcement, and choices. Nudges are useful because you are lead by being engaged in a friendly manner to the idea or choice. A nudge encourages you to choose while being subtly influenced. Remember, nudges encourage emotions and thoughts, not telling you what to do.

Some ice cream would be great about now.

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