Communication Strategies with Your Leader / Manager

Sometimes even the best communicators fail when addressing their Leader or manager. We have developed a “Pilotage Group Creating an Effective Atmosphere” with our top 10 strategies to get in sync and create value when addressing your leader/manager.

• Remember you are addressing a professional who just needs enough to understand, not to be made into an expert.

• Identify what’s important, their goal/objective, to the Executive in order to meet/exceed their expectations.

• Don’t just communicate the facts but interpret the facts as to how the facts impact their business and Leadership expectations.

• Share your message with strategically placed short stories. Too much info, too much material, complicated mental arrows going in several directions, too many tables, etc. are no good.

• Short stories contain a very short version of the problem, how it can be solved, and the expected benefit derived from the solution.

• Make the messaging as a road map and invite the Professional to go on this journey through the story and info with you- share your journey.

• Point out highest value, critical understandings, essentials to help them make decisions. Avoid dwelling on one point – too much depth.

• Learn to use metaphors, anchors, and possibilities. Set metaphorical minefields than blow them up.

• Quality outweighs quantity of material. Avoid adjectives, adverbs, and superlatives.

• Learn to use impact words to start the critical sentences or thoughts. Impact words amplify the importance and keep the listener interested.

From these top 10 strategies, develop your checklist to measure your progress in preparing for a communication with your Leader. Be cognizant of Quality, Results, Business Impact, and People Impact. Determine the Business situation- the possibilities, game changers, and opportunities. By practicing these top 10 strategies you will be developing your own Leadership communication style.

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