What We Offer

Pilotage Group, LLC., is a consulting and training firm specializing in leadership and competency development. We believe in the philosophy that leadership is needed at all levels for an organization to achieve and sustain success. Success is defined as consistently obtaining your financial goals through a healthy, engaged culture of leadership, empowerment, and accountability. The greatest teams hold each other accountable for outstanding effort and performance, and they do this through trust and highly competent leadership. Pilotage can help your organization achieve these levels of success through our innovative and unique programs that can be customized to meet your company’s needs. Our programs focus on developing leadership skills, sales techniques, team building, trust, and various workshops to help you and your company maximize individual skill sets and value. Our founders have over 50 years of leadership and sales competency development experience and have helped many Fortune 500 companies from the pharmaceutical, medical device, and financial service industries.


To achieve and sustain success, our training programs develop leadership skills at all levels

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Pilotage Group, LLC will help you navigate toward success with our skill building solutions

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Team building and workshops are just some of offer including a host of group exercises to move and motivate

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We have developed performance-based training for Fortune five hundred companies, Government, and small business

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Core Beliefs

At the Pilotage Group, we do believe that the best organizations develop leadership at all levels and build a strong high performing team culture through trust and empowerment. Pilotage is committed to helping leaders and teams succeed. Employees are truly satisfied and productive when they are enabled with the right competency, skills and mutual trust knowing that they are empowered and accountable to bring value and in return, they are valued.

Our Customers

Our customers include small, midsize and large organizations that want to transform their business communications. Specifically, we have programs and resources to help senior leaders achieve organizational success and individual contributors achieve professional growth and enhance their value within their organization.

A Fully Customizable Set of Training Products
and Communication Services

Group Training

Live Audience

Sales Training

360/Leadership Customized Surveys

Executive Coaching


Leadership & Engagement Programs

Strategic Analysis & Advisement

Keynote and Speaker Engagement


Interactive Team building

Tactical Opportunities

Customized Programs

Account Management Workshops

Key Performance Tracking

Practical Field Pull Through

Why Us

With a combined 50+ years of experience in several key industries, we can customize our products to meet and exceed your business needs. We have built a network of highly motivated and successful individuals who we consider our greatest clients and have, over the years, enjoyed a mutually beneficial strategic business partnership.

Thousands of people have undergone the Pilotage Groups, LLC’s., leadership development programs. Our training programs are a series of customizable and interactive training programs that teach you “how to” produce success and create sustainable positive competency growth that can be measured.