Performance Depends on Energy

One of the most overlooked and most critical factors in being successful in life as well as business is your energy which is broken down by your potential energy and your kinetic energy. This life energy is aligned to the laws of physics.

In business, potential energy is based on how big is your energy tank or how much energy is available to you to function day to day. Your kinetic energy is the energy summoned to meet certain business functions. Some people are always on alert-high kinetic energy.

Some people keep a constant energy flow-moderate kinetic energy. Some people seem to lack energy-low energy. The size of your energy tank determines the duration of energy flow. The energy output determines the force of the flow.

You can assess the amount and output of energy by how a person thinks.

·Analytical thinkers: prefers data, facts, evidence-moderate size energy tank and moderate output of available energy

·Linear thinkers: focuses on action, results-large size energy tank and high output of available energy

·Metaphorical thinkers: focuses on improvements, future-moderate size energy tank and high output of available energy

·Collaborative thinker: focuses on people, accommodating others-small size energy tank and low output of available energy


From our extensive data, we have developed a means of measuring the energy of individuals. We have discovered that there are 3 energy areas:

·Low energy

·The sweet spot

·Excess energy


These areas were defined by aligning these 3 areas with high and low performers. The sweet spot is the area of ideal potential and kinetic energy. The low area represents those individuals who will have a difficult time maintaining performance. The excess energy area represents those individuals who do busy work and may lose focus and wander from the objective. So, too little or too much energy creates low performers. Most all high performers land in the sweet spot. Most all high performers summon energy that matches the task at hand. When hiring, try to measure energy and determine if your potential hire falls into the sweet spot. When you have a potential value person that is low or excess energy, offer programs to move their energy to the sweet spot. 



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