Responsible or Accountable?

So we have all been down this road, maybe more than a few times. Maybe, just this week. How do you avoid ambiguity? For the new or seasoned leader, we have to make decisions. In my seven years as a turn around specialist at a Global Fortune 500, I turned around seven sales operations spanning four mergers and acquisitions. RACI is one model that led to operational success and numerous awards. It will assist you in making the right decisions and decisions that effectively contribute to the overall strategy.

How do we make the most effective decisions where there is ambiguity?

A simple tool, with decision points where ambiguities exist;

A responsibility matrix (RACI) is a simple model that assigns project responsibilities over four areas.

R- Responsible – The person responsible for performing the task (Doer)
A- Accountable – The person who is accountable for managing the assignment. (Yes/No Authority)
C- Consulted – The person(s) involved before the decision or action. (In The Loop)
I – Informed – The person(s) who need to know the decision or action (In The Know)

Make a simple matrix, something like this;

Task or Action / Responsible / Accountable / Consulted / Informed

Please keep it simple and remember…

Always place who is Responsible (R) and who is Accountable (A) at the level closest to the Task or Action.

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