Leveraging Experience and Creating an Environment of Trust

Leveraging experience is what makes top performers size up and remain calm before they engage in a mission-critical assignment. Top performers make reflection part of the daily routine, and it is astounding what they can tell you before they engage in a project as top performers draw from the experiences they have been in many times before.  To them, this is just another version of a problem they solved before.

More astounding is when you pair your team members, regardless of experience, in an environment where there is trust. Trust allows different points of view and a learning/coaching opportunity to bring the individual(s) skill level and strategy higher, thus raising the effectiveness of both the individual and team. In essence, team members acquire the ability to evaluate and come up with potential strategies before engaging the project. This strategy also minimizes or eliminates the fear of the unknown. This builds confidence, and confidence with team members is trust. 

If you are a leader, try pairing your teammates up. Then have a team meeting where each pair works with another pair. After this, each new team of 4 presents its strategy or SWOT analysis. This further builds confidence and trust. I always like to do this with the 4 alone. I want to give them the time they need and personal attention. It is a great coaching opportunity that builds even greater trust. 

These group exercises may become your “secret sauce” for your recipe of success, but the main ingredient is always trust.

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