How To Answer An Objection Intelligently And Positively

So there you are, you are in that meeting or making that presentation, and it’s going fine. You put the time in your preparation and carefully prepared your work. Out of nowhere, there is an objection and concerns are raised, your heart rate increases, and you are on the defensive.

Rather than becoming defensive, relax as you can seize this opportunity to provide some key insights and move your project along positively and intelligently. In our sales, cross-functional relationship, and communication programs, we teach techniques that have been proven effective in hundreds, if not thousands of meetings and sales presentations. A successful strategy is to anticipate these concerns by preparing Preemptive Objection Statements. These only work if they are genuine, logical, and candid. 

The strategy is that once you complete your preparation for the meeting, create a list of objections that may arise. Perhaps, you ask a confidant for their input. The idea is to prepare Preemptive Objection Statements. You may find, especially in sales, that these may be used over and over and have a profound impact on your earnings and career.

An example; 

Prospect: “If the XYZ company can not provide the level of service we require, how can you?”

Sales Person: “That’s a fair question, as you know, we are the smallest provider in Chicago, and because of this we decided to specialize in one area and become experts in it. In fact, we have grown, on average, 21% year over year with little to no advertising. Most of our clients have been with us for 5 years or more. They are our greatest source of new business and referrals. If you’d like, I can provide some references with the SOW.”

Objections or concerns are good, as they often reveal the hidden motivation that drives behavior. When they challenge you, they are telling you what’s important to them. If you are relaxed and have prepared an effective Preemptive Objection Statement, you may have just won over their hearts and minds.

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